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Brazilian Waxing 411

The 411 on Brazilian Waxing  Book Now

By Amy Stewart

A Brazilian Wax removes all hair between your belly button and the small of your back, with or with out a shape on top. So, take everything off, or some popular shapes to try are a triangle, strip, or a heart.

Pre Wax
Please allow at least three weeks of hair growth for less tweezing and and a longer lasting Brazilian.

Do not trim before your waxing service. Trimming is included in the service to ensure proper length. Plus, you are paying to have the hair removed, why would you want to fuss with it before hand?

To reduce pain and swelling during the service, take an ibuprofen 20 minutes before your service.

For best results and for little pain, schedule your Brazilian wax according to your cycle. For your comfort, it is best to get waxed one week to two weeks after your period. Testosterone and Estrogen are high at this time which increases your tolerance for pain. Also, the hairs are stronger and are therefore less likely to break, giving you longer lasting results.

Keep in mind, it is do-able to get a Brazilian wax while on your period. Sometimes a Brazilian has to happen when it has to happen. Romantic events are impending, flights to sunnier places are booked or it’s your only free moment for weeks! Just be mindful that it may add a bit more pain to the service at an already uncomfortable time of the month. Always be sure to wear a Diva Cup or Tampon.

A hot shower or bath before your waxing service allows hair follicles to loosen and is hydrating to the skin. Be sure to moisturize immediately following your shower to lock in hydration.

Post Wax:
Skin may feel sore and swollen. This is normal as the hair follicle is inflamed and skin has experienced mild exfoliation. Treat by applying an ice pack and taking a dose of ibuprofen. Wearing loose fitting underwear, or skipping underwear, will reduce irritation in the first day after your wax when skin is sensitive.

It is not uncommon to experience ingrown hairs with any type of hair removal. Be it applying hair removal cream, shaving, or waxing. Often times those who experience ingrown hairs see a reduction with waxing. That being said there is still a possibility of ingrown hairs if proper care is not taken.

To prevent ingrown hairs, wash and gently exfoliate the area in your next shower (ideally that night or the next morning is okay). Following your shower apply Whish Flawless. Whish Flawless is soothing and great at preventing ingrown hairs. Next, condition the skin by applying a natural body moisturizer. All products should be free of artificial fragrances and dye as these ingredients can irritate the skin.

Maintaining healthy skin is key. Every week, 2-3 times a week, exfoliate and treat with Whish Flawless and moisturize every time you shower.

Finally get your Brazilians no more than 4 to 6 weeks apart! To stay on a 4-6 week schedule, you are welcome to pre-book your future appointments when checking out at The Skin Firm.

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