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The Importance of Cleansing

Thorough cleansing, two times a day, clears the skin of excess oil and dead skin cells, makeup and pollution. This important step preps your skin for better penetration of acid exfoliants, serums, and moisturizers.Step 1: Put one pump of cleanser into your hand
Step 2: Apply to the face before adding water

Step 3: Add a small amount of water and massage cleanser into the skin, with firm pressure, for one to two minutes
Step 4: Use two dampened cotton squares to remove the cleanser. The first rinse will make the cotton squares yellowish/ brownish or it will be darker if you are removing makeup. Rinse out the cotton squares and rinse your skin again. Repeat this process until the cotton squares are white after rinsing your skin.Now you know your skin is clean and completely free of make up, dirt, oil, and built up dead skin cells. After this process your skin will feel great, your correctives and moisturizers will penetrate better and less product will be needed.

I am now retailing these cotton squares. They come in 200 count packages and are organic and 100% cotton.

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